A thank you and a sorry!

To everyone who has ordered from our website in the last few months, thank you. The ups and downs, the technical hitches, negotiating ever changing postal challenges, and recently building the whole new website you are on right now! We are grateful to every single customer, new and returning, who has allowed our business to thrive and grow during a challenging year for small businesses. You may have noticed (and possibly been frustrated by) how fast it sells out. This is because the demand has grown so fast while we are very limited to how much can be produced. Eventually there are no more hours in the day left to work and we are now at our limit! We totally sold out at Jesmond Food Market on Saturday, it’s literally all gone! We have orders to make for our stockists this week and it’s impossible to restock the website again now to post out before Christmas. We’re so sorry to anyone who might be disappointed by this. We will be doing one more day at Jesmond Food Market on Saturday 19th December for which we can hopefully build up a big stock for. If you’ve missed out this year we hope you’ll stick with us as we delve into expanding our small business in the new year. It’s been a rollercoaster ride into the unknown this year but hopefully we can really make next year a great one. Thanks again, we couldn’t have done it without you xx