Autumn is officially here!

We're not gonna lie, whilst we're sad the summer seems to be over, we've REALLY been looking forward to making some Autumn limited editions and they're available this weekend!

First of all, White Chocolate Biscoff & Coconut Slabs... Our creamy white chocolate slab is laced with coconut cream and filled with swirls of crunchy Biscoff spread, then topped with even more coconut. 

Then there's the Pumpkin Spice Caramel Eggs... We've infused everyone's favourite gooey caramel with the cosy flavour of pumpkin spice, inside a chunky milk chocolate shell, with drizzles of orange chocolate on top.  Seasonal Goals! Chunky knit and boots optional...

Both of these limited editions will be available in the shop on Friday (open 10-2) and online on Sunday 11th September at 7pm!