Celebrating another year of creativity with our Limited Edition Rainbow Combo!

We're celebrating our 4th birthday! We took some time out in January to go surfing and exploring in Costa Rica, it was a dream trip for our family and we spent some time really reflecting on what we love best about running our indie business.  We love using our creativity to dream up chocolates that delight your mind and your taste buds, and this year for our Birthday Limited Editions we've created a dreamy combination of rainbow chocolate delights.  There's the Giant Rainbow Fudge Egg, a whopping 290g milk chocolate egg filled with our homemade fudge, made with fresh cream and butter in every rainbow layer. Paired with the Rainbow Rockpool Slab, each shell has been lovingly hand painted with a rainbow of cocoa butter colours, it's like a mermaid got hold of them! We really think these rainbow coloured Limited Editions show how much fun we have making our chocolate and we hope you love eating them too.  

We will only be releasing two batches of the Limited Edition Rainbow Combo:

Sunday 23rd April 7pm

Wednesday 26th April 7pm

Thanks to all our customers for supporting our small business, we appreciate every single order and we are so excited for another year ahead creating more delicious delights for you!  Lots of love from The GTCC Team xx