About Us

Meet The Team


The creator of The Good Tempered Chocolate Co. Maker of chocolatey delights. Aspiring minimalist and general stresshead. 
Zoe likes: When the kids sleep past 7am, good coffee, tequila, getting shit done, and being on the beach.
Favourite Movie: True Romance
Favourite Slab: All the Christmas marzipan ones!



The creative input and design guy. Most likely to know how to fix the printer.
Scott likes: A glassy three footer breaking on a sandy beach, or finding a delicious new pale ale tucked away at the back of Tynemouth Post Office.
Favourite Movie: Anything by Wes Anderson or Federico Fellini
Favourite Slab: Gold & Hazelnut



The provider of rational solutions and diplomatic suggestions. Unfazed by chaos. Having lived in five countries, Denmark was definitely her favourite.
Anna likes: Her boys, travel, human nature and red wine
Favourite Movie: Top Gun
Favourite Slab: Peanut Butter & Raspberry – it’s positively a superfood!